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House Number Sign

House Number Sign

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House number signs start at just $23!  Each additional house number (after three) adds $5.00 per number. You can have flat hand painted stenciled Numbers, or laser cut 3D Numbers for a small additional cost. 

3D laser cut numbers come in only one font choice- Charter. 

Stenciled numbers are available in 4 font choices. 



Three numbers- 6.5x12 Framed

Four numbers- 6.5x15.5 Framed

Five Numbers- 6.5x19 Framed

Six Numbers- 6.5x22.5 Framed



Three Numbers - 16.5x5 Framed

Four Numbers - 21.5x5 Framed

Five Numbers - 26.5x5 Framed

Six Numbers - 31.5x5 Framed

Please designate all available options and fill in personalization (if it applies to your selection) prior to purchase. At your event, you’ll be able to choose from over 60 paint and stain colors in the studio to truly make your sign fit your style. Please let us know if you have any questions!
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